Most of you know I went to Paris earlier this month with my family. I wanted to share a few photos from the trip with you guys. I'm not the type to randomly scroll through old photos, so this time I decided to record a bunch of stuff so I could put a video together to watch when I want to reminisce. I'm no iMovie expert, so don't expect anything fancy! :)

I had an amazing time, and I'm truly thankful to my parents for feeling like it was absolutely necessary to send me on this trip. This also wouldn't have happened if my genius of a baby sister wouldn't have been accepted as a genetics intern in a lab in Paris this summer. She's awesome.

The video is at the end. It was on facebook for all of 10 minutes before it was removed because
of the song. 

Oops :-/ Maybe I'll change it. Probably not.


P.S. - Of course, I went shopping. Stay tuned for the haul post ;)

Notre Dame

Musee du Louvre
(check out the fancy toilet paper they sell in the bathroom, hehe)

Eiffel Tower | Arc de Triomphe | Sacre Coeur


The Love Lock Bridge | Cruise Tour on the Seine | Macarons | Going out


  1. Uh can you document my life so that I seem at least half as cool as you? That is all. Thanks sis.

    1. Hahaha I'll be recording this weekend for le baby's b'day turn up. bound to be some unforgettable moments.

  2. Amazing! I wish I could be 16 again and do it all differently. You young ladies are truly blessed. Hats off to your awesome Mom!! :-)

    1. U don't have to be 16 to enjoy Paris! ;)