Why Matte?

Oh...hello there. Thought I was gone forever, eh? Nope! I'm back with another post. People were actually asking me what happened with the whole blog thing. I felt like a slacker for blogging and not working on my own portfolio, so I had to get that done. Back to the fun!

This is about the wonders of matte lipstick. If you are new to lipstick, never worn it, or wear it all the time but haven't tried the matte look, let me tell you something. Meh, I'll show you.

I wore my new RiRi Woo to dinner with a friend this evening. I was home sick all day, wanted to feel pretty. Any who, the difference between the two photos above - the left was taken before, the right was taken after I stuff my face with an obscene amount of cheesy, beef brisket nachos.

Yup, I'm a fatty. I love food. All of it. Cooking it. Smelling it. Eating it. Rubbing my face in it. 


Matte lipstick does not budge! Any color you love, find it in a matte as well. I've got a matte alternative for every lip color mood I'm in so no one knows I just shoved my face into a bacon cheeseburger. It happens often...

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