Quick Natural Look (I Promise!)

Please excuse my absence...I lost my iPhone and with it my will to live. But I'm back now!
So let us proceed.

I will never understand how people do "natural" make-up looks with primer, concealer, foundation, powder, eye shadow, liners, blush, bronzer, lip color, lip gloss, eye lashes. 

Seriously? Stop it.

Here is a BASIC face of the day for when you wake up and say "you know what face? I'm going to let your natural radiance lead today" or "oh sh*t...is it 7:40??" The latter is more like my morning...

Here's what I'm working with:

Flawless Concealer in Toast | Black Opal
Dream Finish Beauty Balm | Maybelline New York
Cinnamon Blush | NYX
Lustre Finish Lipstick in Touch | MAC

I started with the concealer just a bit under my eyes. I was up working pretty late last night so they were looking (and still look) pretty rough this morning. I skipped the minor blemishes around my face...I just don't care today. I applied the BB cream all over with my finger tips. It rubs in like moisturizer and doesn't make a mess at all. I blushed my cheeks, colored my lips and that was it! Took 3 minutes. I would have been on time to work, but I got stuck in the car listening to Elle Varner.


  1. I need to go shopping for a new foundation. I've been using L'oreal Sable for like 10 years. It's usually pretty close in the summer. But too orangy in the winter when I get all pale like.

  2. I actually just tried L'oreal true match and it's pretty good. I'm scared to pick out my own foundation, which is why I stick with MAC. BUT the ULTA I went to had an ad up an ethiopian chick in it. I was like hmmm ppl think I'm ethiopian...I'm getting her color. And it matched *shrug* hahaha