Weekend Mani: Bulter Please by Essie

I'll be attending a few parties this extended weekend, so I decided to go with something festive and bright. This one is new to my collection {which is quite vast} and may be a new fave.

I've been trying to figure out the perfect manicure formula. This time I did:

Strengthening basecoat
Watch Scandal and don't move while they dry

This was last night and my nails haven't chipped yet. Hopefully this works out and my nails last all weekend. We shall see.

Happy Friday!

My nails lasted a day and a half.

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  1. I've learned to NOT put too much top coat on. The harder the polish the quicker it seems to chip.

    I also have discovered if doing a manicure at home put on the first color coating well and make sure you get the tips (you know the part that starts to "roll back" first) let dry a few minutes...but not too long (but longer than the manicurest puts the coat on one hand and heads back to do the 2nd coat.....did I lose you? lol) then put on a good 2nd coat let air dry a few minutes, seal with the top coat and let dry about 20-30 mins if using the hand dryer of not a full 45-50. in 2 days put a clear coat of polish doesn't have to be hardner just clear.

    No matter what I've done the longest my manicure has ever lasted is 7 or 8 days with no chips I was AMAZED! Notice pedicures can stay for 2 weeks...it's the drying time between coats I think.

    Good luck! I love to polish!