Coloring My Smoochers

I used to be afraid of lipstick...well, more so afraid of looking like there was entirely too much color on my face. But I have since learned that girls who look like clowns do not represent the entire make-up-wearing population. Now I'm obsessed. Check out my top 5 obsessions below.

Taupe | Matte

Red Dwarf | Pro Long Wear Lipcreme

Chatter Box | Amplified

Girl About Town | Amplified

Ruby Woo | Matte


  1. The Ruby Woo is laid like "Oh My Gawd!" and the Taupe is serving Olivia Pope realness. Those are my picks...the end

  2. Hehe thanks sis! I love me some Olivia Pope she wakes up glowing. Ugh! It's not real...but still ugh!

  3. I kinda like the dwarf ...